School Clubs

To pay deeper attention to various subjects BBPS has formed various clubs and handed the responsibility of each club to its staff. Various activities are conducted by each club every week. They include the following:

i. Literary Club
Hindi Divas
Poetry Writing and Presentation

ii. Heritage Club
Collage Work
Poster Making
Article Writing

iii. Maths and Science Club
Mathematics Quiz
Ganit Week

iv. Integrity Club
Slogan Writing
Poem Recitation
Poster Making
Speech on National Integration

v. Library Club
Mass Reading or Intra-class reading competition
Library verification
Book week : Debate on favourite book
Book week : Talk about favourite author/book
Book fair

vi. Health and Hygiene Club
Awareness rally - Save Earth
DMI Check up
First aid guidance

vii. Student Council Club
The Student Council Club plays an active role in helping in school activities and organising various events like Investiture Ceremony, Project Display, Independence Day, Republic Day and Annual Day.