Best Practice

BBPS is known to be one of the best schools in the city and it is on account of various practices it undergoes. The secret behind its success is that it works as a family of many striving spirits, yearning for knowledge.

BBPS focuses on the holistic development of students, thus, paying equal attention to academics, sports, and co-curricular activities.

It is run in a very systematic manner with proper planning. Before the new academic year, every event and celebration of the school is pre-planned and updated to the entire family, providing sufficient time for the staff and the students to think creatively and give their best.

Every student from standards I – XII is given the opportunity to participate in the morning Assembly and is encouraged to overcome stage fear. A GK Quiz is held every week, so as to strengthen the knowledge of the students. A feeling of patriotism and unity is inculcated in the students through regular assembly and singing the National Anthem and BBPS Song.

Various extra-curricular activities are held every week as a part of Bal Sabha Activity. This helps in identifying and honing the different skills of the students. Equal importance is given to music and dance too.

BBPS is also highly health conscious. It provides a 10 minutes Fruit Break every day, during which the children sit together, share and have fruits. School has a well planned yoga and minimum physical fitness programme for students.

All competitions are arranged in such a way that everyone gets an opportunity to participate. We discourage cut throat competitions by awarding the efforts s made by each child. The system of awarding First, second, Third has given way to grading the competitors , thus encouraging more collaborative learning.